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About Us

Soaring Kidz is an organization serving children and teens with varying abilities in the Greater Houston area.  We are a group of individuals with collective talents who are truly committed to making a difference in the lives of children and teens with disabilities and their families.    

Soaring Kidz are children and teens from all walks of life who experience the daily struggles of life-long challenges associated with physical, social, and/or cognitive disabilities. These children have the desire to perform age-appropriate recreational and sports activities like their typically developing peers. They are children who may use wheelchairs as their primary mobility, or they may use a walker or crutches for assistance. They may also be independent with mobility but for various reasons are limited in their participation from recreational activities with their peer group. 

We want to give them the opportunity to participate and enjoy the activities of their peers. Our organization was established in 2008 with the belief that all children regardless of ability should have access to recreational, group, and individual exercise to maximize each child’s potential for movement. Current programs include t-ball, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, basketball, Parent & Me classes and many many more. Join us for our next program or event!

To provide year round sports and recreational programs for children and teens with special needs.


Our Mission is to afford all children and teens of varying abilities the opportunity to experience joy, pride, and freedom through recreational and sport activities regardless of their physical, social, and mental challenges.

Our Vision is to enhance the lives of children and teens with special needs by involving them in unique and creative sports programs that maximize their potential, encourage their mobility, and promote their independence. Through our various programs, we intend to foster participation and provide our participants and their families the opportunity to Rise Above All Challenges Encountered

Our Commitment

Please send us thoughts, suggestions, and any changes you would like to see in our programs, events, or website.

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